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Institutional arrangements and public policies regarding alternative and renewable sources of energy, sustainability and energy efficiency.

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Public sector


Aerodynamics of large structures and development of renewable energies, such as solar, wind and solid wastes.

Also, reviewing research activities related to energy development, conducted by Research Institutes and Universities in Brazil.

Currently working in the public sector in Brazil, with energy development at the Ministry of Mines and Energy. The focus is on alternative sources of energy, such as wind, solar and solid wastes.

Civil Engineer with Master Degree in Structural Engineering, on Aerodynamics of Tall Buildings, and Ph.D in Wind Engineering, on Aerodynamic Phenomena of Long-Span Bridges. Also, with degree in Precision Mechanics and several courses related to engineering and information technology.

Along the professional career, activities related to academic research, fabrication and design of steel structures and development of software for both Structural Engineering and Mobile Phones industry were conducted. Additionally, skills on CAD/CAM, 3D Modeling, Augmented Reality, Artificial Intelligence, Visual C++, Java, Symbian, ObjectARX, MFC, Project Management and Wind Engineering were developed.

Ph.D. degree was awarded at Kyoto University, in Japan.

This website is a link for professional and academic purposes. It provides information on my professional and academic backgrounds.  My resume, Master thesis (only in Portuguese), Ph.D Thesis and some articles and papers I wrote are available for consultation.





Information Technology

Design of steel structures. 

Development of software applications using mainly C/C++. 

Conference organization

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Energy technology

Steel structures